Turbine Ventilator

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Horne ventilators removes hot, still air which increase room temperature in your home and factory, and provides air circulation in the space between the ailing and outer roof.


  1. Reduces hot air from ceilings. Cools your living and working areas and reduces expensive air conditioning costs.
  2. Fits any roof-metal or tile. Horne’s flexible pitch base fits roof from 0-45 degrees and can be easily adapted to suit your requirements.
  3. Strong lightweight aluminium construction. No rusting components, longer life.
  4. Reduces condensation and mildew. Cleaner environment for your home.
Home Size : 12” , 14” and 16”
Industrial Size : 18” and 24”

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OZVENT manufactured by Horne is an energy free wind turbo ventilator built for the asian conditions. It provides air circulation in the space between the ceiling and the outer roof, and removes very hot, still air which increases room tempreture in your home or factory. Effective roof space ventilation includes OZVENT eave vents installed under the eaves to draw in fresh outside air, and an OZVENT ventilator to exhaust the superheated and moisture laden air. 

Turbine Ventilator

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Turbine Ventilator

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