Tempered Glass Railing

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Tempered Glass is heat treated glass with a residual surface compression minimum of 69 MPa (10,000 psi) or an edge compression not less than 67 MPa (9,700 psi). It is manufactured by heating ordinary float glass to its softening point (approximate 600 ~ 650 deg C) and then followed by cooling the glass rapidly by quenching it with an uniform blast of air on both surfaces simultaneously. Tempered Glass, when broken, breaks into a multitude of small fragments, thus protecting against serious injuries.

For more completed awning sample , please click link below : https://www.sunmaster.my/photoalbum/id/22493/cat/Glass-Railing/index.html

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Tempered Glass is approximately 4 to 5 times stronger than ordinary annealed glass. It has a higher bending strength and is more resistant to impact.

Thermal Stress Resistant
Tempered Glass is more resistant to thermally induced stress and can, therefore, resist thermal shock which can cause ordinary annealed glass to crack.

Tempered Glass cannot be drilled, cut or edged after being heat treated. All dimensions and specifications must be determined before the glass is tempered.

In addition to clear glass, Tempered Glass also comes in various colors or tints, and can be reflective or low energy as well.


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Tempered Glass Railing

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